Suitcase? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Wallet? Check. Airplane outfit? Che…what?

If you are planning a trip and aren’t sure what to wear on the airplane, consider these things:

Airplanes are COLD

Freezing, to be exact! The main reason for this is because bacteria has a hard time growing in cool environments – it’s the same reason hospitals are also always cold. What does this mean for you? LAYER. I know it’s tempting to wear a mini dress with no jacket, but you’ll want to layer so you can easily remove things when you reach your destination. Consider things like this (click to shop):

Your Space is Limited

This means you will need to keep your essentials close. The best way to do this, in my experience, is with backpacks, fanny packs (ahem – WAIST BAGS now) and small crossbody purses. The important part is you want to make sure whatever you use falls within the “personal item” size requirement for the airline you will be flying on. Suitable options include (click to shop): 

Don’t Forget Your Devices!

Be sure to fully charge your tablet and/or phone and don’t forget to download movies or shows before you leave home in case your airline doesn’t feature in-flight entertainment. If your seat won’t have USB power, consider also bringing an external battery pack to charge up. Here are some decent options:

To Sum It Up…

Dress in layers so you won’t freeze on the airplane or sweat in the tropics, keep your essentials close by with the right personal item sized bag, and keep your devices charged with an external battery pack.


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