You may not need a travel agent.

Yes, I’m a travel agent saying YOU may not need one.

Why on Earth would I say that?!?! The truth is because, well, it’s the truth – not everyone will benefit from having a travel agent because they don’t WANT to benefit. 

Let me explain.

What is the purpose of a travel agent?

To summarize very briefly, a travel agent is your partner in travel – your advocate. We are the ones who sit on hold when a change or cancellation needs to be made. We track flights, trends, resorts, news, and more – all so you don’t have to. We are your “eyes and ears” related to all things travel. We spend hours upon hours training with vendors, touring properties, and forming opinions so that you have the best possible experience utilizing all of our expertise. 

Think of it this way: yes, you COULD change the oil in your car by yourself – some of you may actually be really good at it! But for those who don’t have the time, patience, or expertise, you take your car to have the oil changed by a professional.

Utilizing the services of a travel agent is exactly like that.

Do I need a travel agent?

The answer to this question is unique to everyone. In my opinion, those who benefit most from having a travel agent on call are the following types of individuals:

– Those who don’t have time to plan a vacation but know they need one

– Those who aren’t great at planning anything 

– Those who value and trust the expertise of travel professionals

Is there anyone who SHOULDN’T use a travel agent?

YES. Absolutely, yes. We call them “deal shoppers.” These are the people who are only focused on the lowest possible price. They don’t care about experience, quality, expertise, or first hand experience. Often, they are the folks who see something on social media from an influencer claiming to travel across the world for $200 (you know those people). Deal shoppers do NOT value travel agents and almost always have no intention to book with us. 

The other type of traveler who doesn’t “need” a travel agent is the DIY traveler. This is the person who LOVES to plan and be in control (and who probably SHOULD be a travel agent themselves!). They spend hours researching locations, gathering opinions, and then booking and managing everything on their own. Because they are so hands on, they may not see the value of a travel agent though we often possess a level of expertise that they do not.

What sets YOU apart?

Ase Adventures focuses on “attainable luxury” vacations. That means I curate incredible experiences focused on quality accommodations, cuisine, and activities. Often we hear the word “luxury” an assume it is out of reach. I aim to change this narrative. With a little planning and by making payments, ANYONE can experience luxury travel. I am very discerning and will absolutely NOT send clients anywhere I would not personally stay at. 

If you don’t have your next vacation already booked, what are you waiting for?? Contact me today!

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