Frequently Asked Questions

Well the truth is, you may not need me! And that’s ok. Some people prefer to spend days hammering out all the intricate details themselves. If that’s you, great! You should join me. 😉

If you are someone who isn’t that way, however, then you will benefit by having me on your team. Not only do I use my expertise to quickly present vacation options, I also do any follow up, special requests, changes, etc for you. All you have to do is make payments and then enjoy your vacation. Easy, right?

First I find out a bit more about your travel goals: are you just wanting to relax? Explore? Eat good food? Etc. From there I inquire about your travel dates, how many travelers there will be, and your desired budget. With that information I then present 3 options to select from. Of those 3 options you can edit down, add excursions, etc. From there I will collect your deposit in order to secure your package. If you want to make payments, I will facilitate that as well.

If your only concern is the cheapest price, there are plenty of websites that will provide cheap prices with no customer service. But if you are looking for value and a partner in travel to have your back and take the stress out of planning, then you need a travel agent.

No! Here’s why. Regardless of how you book (yourself or with a travel agent), the suppliers already build a commission in. When you book yourself, the supplier keeps that commission for themselves. But when you use me as your travel agent, that commission comes to me. You don’t ever pay me directly and it doesn’t cost you anything extra.

This is a two-part question. The first part is yes – I can always find options within your desired price range. Often, however, I find that people don’t have a realistic view of what it costs to do some of the things they want to do. Don’t let social media lie to you – a lot of those folks advertising cheap trips are getting paid to sell you the dream. Furthermore, I’m here to get you the best VALUE – this does not necessarily mean the lowest price. I take great pride in making sure my clients enjoy every aspect of their stay and in doing so, I prefer not to select resorts with known problems – even if they are the cheaper option.

The short answer is YES. In today’s climate, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, pricing and staffing is volatile. The last thing you want to have happen is an unexpected change that leaves you having to reschedule and then subsequently losing out on money because you didn’t have the travel insurance. It is up to you, though, to assess your needs and weigh the risks.

I don’t have a magic wand and I can’t do anything outside of the supplier’s policies. If you cancel within a cancellation window, you could be subject to penalties. I will always share that information with you prior to booking.

Absolutely not! I will NOT harass you should you choose not to proceed with me. That being said, please understand that travel agents don’t get paid for providing quotes so please don’t abuse the privilege. If you are price shopping, please do that on your own as it takes time away from clients who see the value in what we do.

Absolutely not. As an ethical agent, all of your payments are processed directly with the chosen travel supplier. I don’t EVER hold onto any funds for you. If you book with a supplier who only allows a lump sum payment, I suggest placing funds aside in an account you don’t touch and then providing your payment details to me. Rest assured your funds are always going towards your vacation.